Online Platform 

URx Forward will be hosted on the Hopin platform. We selected it becuase it allows for the type of engagement and connection that is the staple of any URx event. Check out the links below to familiarize yourself with the platform. 

How to use Hopin as an Attendee 

Hopin Attendee Experience Demo Video


*If you haven't done so already, please make sure to complete your registration by signing up on Hopin.to. 

I transfered my URx20 ticket to URx21, how do I complete my free URx Forward registration? 

  1. If you have not already done so, use the code emailed to you to register for URx21.
  2. Use the code link in the email sent to you after you registered for URx21 to complete your free registration to URx Forward on Hopin.

I purchased my ticket for URx Forward on Eventbrite! Now what? 

  1. Use the code link in the Eventbrite confirmation email sent to you after you registered for URxForward to complete your URx Forward registration on Hopin.

If you are having trouble completing your registration please email us at team@urxconference.com



You main navigation will be found on the left hand panel of your Hopin Screen. The tab options are "Reception", "Stage" , "Sessions", "Networking", and "Expo".


  • Join the main presentation
  • Chat with other attendees
  • Ask speaker's any questions
  • Interactive polls and engagement


  • Join (or create) a roundtable (i.e. group) of up to 20 people
  • Use this for breakouts, group discussions, topical conversations
  • Attendees can choose to join a session and take a “seat at the table” as one of the ten participants or they can just watch the discussion
    • For example, you could create a session for remote internship managers and leave a few spots open for others to rotate in and out to join the conversation.


  • Pair with one person at a time, via the Hopin video chat for up to three minutes
  • Once the time is up (there’s a timer), we automatically move you to the next person
  • Matching is 100% random. You’ll never meet the same person twice
  • You can stop meeting with someone and move to the next person anytime you want


  • Virtual booths showcasing products and demos from our sponsors
  • Special discount offers


We can't wait for you to Hop in to URx Forward and network, watch the specific talks you want or catch them all. It’s up to you!

URx20 Organizing Committee

photo of Kathleen Merto

Kathleen Merto

University Recruiter
photo of Layne Austin

Layne Austin

MBA Recruiting
photo of Sam Lee

Sam Lee

University Recruiter